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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

OK I told you I’d write up something when I changed from the Tilt to the iPhone 3G. I changed and boy oh boy,  well I’ll tell you it’s a different world, like going from East LA to Beverly Hills! Wow!!! This thing really does have the Cool factor going for it. More than that it’s functional! The E-mail system, I use it with Exchange Push Mail, is nothing short of awesome! The clarity of the screen is unmatched! The readability of the fonts and ease of zooming are 100% useful. Comparing this device with the Tilt would not be fair so I wont even go there.  I got an invisishield full body coverage skin for my device as well as a hard pastic snap on case from Amazon. Both items are just perfect! The invisishield was pretty difficult to get installed but I fought through it and I like it. The Snap on case was a no brainier but does not meet up perfectly at the seams.

I wanted a device that was able to get Exchange e-mail and be easy to use when dialing numbers while driving, the iPhone excels at both. I have gotten quite proficient on the iPhone keyboard and can type about 55 words a minute on it. The auto correct feature is nearly perfect. There are some small issues that I found I did not like but I have been able to overcome them all. For instance you cant sync Outlook notes, I checked the appstore (On the device) and got a FREE app called Evernote, where have you been all my life! I was able to do some tech magic and get my Outlook notes imported into Evernote, now they are all online. I don’t even use Outlook for notes anymore, no need! The native Evernote app for the iPhone is awesome! That solved the notes problem, the next issue was the ability to read PDF files downloaded from the web in Safari also a Flash player for the iPhone. I have not solved these issues but I can live with it. I can read PDF files from the e-mail system, as long as they don’t have Asian languages.  Other than that I have found very little that the iPhone 3G cannot do and do very well. In fact everything I’ve tried to do is nothing short of excellent! Oh yeah I wish it had voice dialing. I could go on and on but the verdict is this. I am a Tech, actually Computers envelop my life, I know what I’m doing and found the Tilt to be lacking big time. Since having the iPhone I’m daily in awe, i Love it, not because it’s cool but because it’s useful. If you are in the market for a new phone and you need e-mail + web browsing capabilities I have to say there is nothing out right now that even compares to the iPhone.

I wish Steve Jobs would not be so stingy with licensing and allow developers like Adobe to make Flash players and PDF readers for the iPhone but I know that will eventually pass as well. I also heard a rumor Steveie J. is sitting on lots and lots of iPhones to keep the price up.  Shame on you, you are rich enough aren’t you? Let the masses have it!

My biggest complaint is that I had to leave Verizon just to get the iPhone. Oh well, Let’s keep those big companies rich so they can further suppress us.

I jailbroke my phone and it unjailbroke when iTunes 8 and iPhone version 2.1. This too will pass. Not a real big deal, I lost my mypootz application big whoop.

Bottom line, get an iPhone if you need the capabilities it offers nothing compares and you will be happy, you may even fall in love, I did.

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