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iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G

OK I told you I’d write up something when I changed from the Tilt to the iPhone 3G. I changed and boy oh boy,  well I’ll tell you it’s a different world, like going from East LA to Beverly Hills! Wow!!! This thing really does have the Cool factor going for it. More than that it’s functional! The E-mail system, I use it with Exchange Push Mail, is nothing short of awesome! The clarity of the screen is unmatched! The readability of the fonts and ease of zooming are 100% useful. Comparing this device with the Tilt would not be fair so I wont even go there.  I got an invisishield full body coverage skin for my device as well as a hard pastic snap on case from Amazon. Both items are just perfect! The invisishield was pretty difficult to get installed but I fought through it and I like it. The Snap on case was a no brainier but does not meet up perfectly at the seams.

I wanted a device that was able to get Exchange e-mail and be easy to use when dialing numbers while driving, the iPhone excels at both. I have gotten quite proficient on the iPhone keyboard and can type about 55 words a minute on it. The auto correct feature is nearly perfect. There are some small issues that I found I did not like but I have been able to overcome them all. For instance you cant sync Outlook notes, I checked the appstore (On the device) and got a FREE app called Evernote, where have you been all my life! I was able to do some tech magic and get my Outlook notes imported into Evernote, now they are all online. I don’t even use Outlook for notes anymore, no need! The native Evernote app for the iPhone is awesome! That solved the notes problem, the next issue was the ability to read PDF files downloaded from the web in Safari also a Flash player for the iPhone. I have not solved these issues but I can live with it. I can read PDF files from the e-mail system, as long as they don’t have Asian languages.  Other than that I have found very little that the iPhone 3G cannot do and do very well. In fact everything I’ve tried to do is nothing short of excellent! Oh yeah I wish it had voice dialing. I could go on and on but the verdict is this. I am a Tech, actually Computers envelop my life, I know what I’m doing and found the Tilt to be lacking big time. Since having the iPhone I’m daily in awe, i Love it, not because it’s cool but because it’s useful. If you are in the market for a new phone and you need e-mail + web browsing capabilities I have to say there is nothing out right now that even compares to the iPhone.

I wish Steve Jobs would not be so stingy with licensing and allow developers like Adobe to make Flash players and PDF readers for the iPhone but I know that will eventually pass as well. I also heard a rumor Steveie J. is sitting on lots and lots of iPhones to keep the price up.  Shame on you, you are rich enough aren’t you? Let the masses have it!

My biggest complaint is that I had to leave Verizon just to get the iPhone. Oh well, Let’s keep those big companies rich so they can further suppress us.

I jailbroke my phone and it unjailbroke when iTunes 8 and iPhone version 2.1. This too will pass. Not a real big deal, I lost my mypootz application big whoop.

Bottom line, get an iPhone if you need the capabilities it offers nothing compares and you will be happy, you may even fall in love, I did.

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The AT&T Tilt
Review by Me


I thought I’d begin to Blog about my experiences changing phones for my new Job. I used to have an LG VX8350 from Verizon, I loved it very cool and functional phone! Verizon Rocks!I just changed jobs. That’s a blogworthy topic but the one liner version is: I accepted a position with a client who I have been consulting with for nearly 10 years. Part of my job is to be on call 24/7. I’m also directing the IT operations in an office in Shanghai. So the need comes to me to have a mobile office. Although I am the big geek that I am I really have not had a need to have e-mail on my phone. I check e-mail quite often but never needed it on my phone. Now I do and as part of my benefits the company is providing just such a device. They have an AT&T corporate account co I have to say bye bye to Verizon, you’ll be missed. I have grown to dislike the blackberry devices for to many reasons to mention. The Palm Treo 750 has a tiny screen and my big fat thumnbs dont work for the tiny thumb keybaord. So it came down to the AT&T Tilt and the iPhone 3G. I did some googling and found this page. Ok so this seemed to be the deal breaker, that plus when I googled tilt vs iphone 3g I got a 2 Million + hits! I paroused a lot of sites and the predominant blog buzz is the Tilt is better for techie types. Well I headed off to the AT&T store to check it out for my self. 

The first thing I noticed was the missing terminal services client. I thought it must be a mistake the dinky screened Treo 750 had it, but it was the old version running WM5. The AT&T employees did not even know what it was, they got the manager for me. While I was waiting I googled Tilt missing Terminal Services, the pages that came up were blog entries. Then the nightmare started, the rendering engine in WM6 Internet Explorer sucks! I tried Full Screen, Column View etc… Noting improved it. So I walked over to the iPhone kiosk and googled Tilt missing Terminal Services Client, nice results screen, very cool zoom in and out function, neato, I liked it and found the info I was looking for in a flash! Terminal Services is not in the WM6 that is on the Tilt, but you can download the CAB for it it real easy. I thought to myself all those bloggers could not be wrong! So I chocked it off as a fluke and went for the Tilt.

I forgot to mention the fact that I was at the store with my 4 children, ages 7,5,3 and 1. After about 45 minutes they started to get restless. My 3 Year old son had to pee twice while we were there. We had to go next door to MTC and use the locked bathroom, low and behold there was no paper towels or TP. Humm do the employees wipe? EEEK I thought to myself. The second time he peed in the not for patrons bathroom in the AT&T Store back in the managers area in the back. The awesome employee who helped me made that happen.

OK so after my wife came to rescue me I was able to finish up the transaction and get out of there. I had some stuff to do that afternoon so I did not get to play with the new Tilt much till later that evening. It gave me time to fully charge it. Now the nightmare begins. Oh my what a piece of crap! I mean i have had a WM device and know all about it. I began to mess around with it. First off the E-mail syncs with Exchange, you can set it up with Active SYNC or on the phone. I got that working fine. It seems to be a good device for use as a mobile e-mail client. I loved the tactile keyboard, very easy to type even with fat fingers. So it began well and took a turn…

Here is a list of things that i found very annoying with the Tilt:

  1. The first thing it did after turning it on was try to connect to the Internet and download Tilt AT&T Navigator, without me doing anything, It got stuck on that screen and eventually locked up
  2. You cant see the whole page when you browse a website and there is no easy way to zoom and move around.
  3. You cant play most youtube videos
  4. When you try to use the onscreen keypad for the phone it’s hard to hit the right numbers
  5. When you use the keyboard keypad the * and # are in weird places. You have to Function hit them or turn on function lock
  6. When I tried to set up my voice mail the screen blacked out while I was recording my outgoing message, therefore I could not hit the onscreen or the keyboard # key in time and the AT&T Voice says “Are you there, recording canceled”
  7. The little screen protector in the package does not cover the whole screen
  8. While trying to dial a number it came up with an error message saying incorrect function and a tiny little ok. I tried hitting the little button with my thumb to no avail. I had to get the stylus out and click it. Imagine trying to make a quick call while your driving and this happens.
  9. The voice dialing is not voice prompted
  10. The highly touted 3 mega pixel camera takes orangy photos, pretty crappy quality if you ask me.
  11. WM6 is neutered and missing a lot of it’s default items, like Terminal Services Client
  12. None of the the Instant messaging clients worked for me, they got stuck at signing on
  13. You have to pay extra if you want to use the GPS mapping software for more than the 30 day trial, nobody told me that at the AT&T store
  14. You have to pay extra for PTT service
  15. You have to pay extra for Cellular TV service
  16. To make an audio file a ring tone you have to do it using File Explorer, Media player shows the MP3 Tags and is easy to read/search but you cant do it from here, You can search for a file and see the results quick but you cant do it here either, you have to open File Explorer and find the file by truncated column file names. There is no way to change the view or expand the columns, basically it’s the worst place to perform this function from but the only way to do it.
  17. I tried my free trial of Cellular Video and it said they are experiencing technical difficulties, It still says that
  18. With all the glitz and glamor of the WM6 Interface the ring tone selection area is kind of gay
  19. I may be missing something but I could not find a quick easy way to mute the phone for a meeting using only my thumb
  20. The stylus driven interface is annoying

I’m sure there are more reasons but I cant think of any now. I grew to abhor the Tilt as a phone, the Internet functions are so worthless it made it nearly unusable and nearly everything I did was difficult or failed. I headed off the AT&T Store, while I waited 1 hour for someone to help me I had lots of time to play with phones. I focused on phones that have Exchange e-mail abilities only. I went to each one, the LG Shine, The Palm Treo 750, the Blackberries and the iPhone and tried to quickly make a call with one hand using my thumb to type. The phones with tactile keyboards were OK, They all had tiny keys that I really cant get used to, The LS Shine was annoying, it’s like they are trying to hard to be like the iPhone but they did not quite get it, the keypad was off just enough to make it hard. I don’t really k
now why but I picked up the iPhone hit phone and dialed with no mistakes. Ok so dialing the phone was established in my opinion as the iPhone being hte clear winner. The Internet browsing is FAR superior than any other mobile web device due to the multitouch interface. The E-mail client on the 3G is sweet easy to use, easy to read and easy to setup.

So I returned the Tilt and ordered a 16GB iPhone.

I started Googling again and found and this video. I started to read between the lines, ok, how many times am I going to “Blind Type” not going to happen. I may have sent 1 or 2 MMS messages in my life, and if I take a photo I’ll just send it as an e-mail attachment. I’m buying a phone here not a GPS or a Video Camera, I have those and if I need to use them I will. I know one of the popular complaints about the iPhone is the on screen keyboard but I kind of like it, it works for me, even with by fat thumbs. I know I may get flamed for this and my tech colleagues out there may vehemently disagree but the iPhone is not only cooler looking it functiones better. I understand that there is a budding RDP client for it as well. My new iPhone will come in 7-10 days and I’ll write another Blog post about it once I get it and have a chance to play around.

If you have a comment please leave it I’m very interested in what others think about this subject.




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