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Thanks to Technet and a ridiculous amount of googling I finally figured out how to solve this stupid error!


Basically, I recorded a video on my iPhone and wanted to get it off. Apple and their stupid ideas don’t let you sync recorded video into iTunes (Super stupid!)

Well previously when I plugged in my iPhone I could access it via Explorer, or any other program that can import from a removable disc. Then copy the photos, voice memos or Videos off.

Recently though Windows started seeing the device an an MTP device and would not install the driver properly….

This little trick, copied from the Technet site solved the issue!

- run regedit
- find “{EEC5AD98-8080-425F-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}” under hkeylocalmachine > system>current control set>control>class
- click on the “{EEC5AD98-8080-425F-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}” on the left side of the window.
- appears on the right side different things. Right click on “upper something” and click delete.
- unplug iPhone
- plug in iPhone and the proper drivers load!
-Access the iPhone in Explorer or your preferred photo import program.


Hope this fixes your problem!!!

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Just FYI:

If you run Computer Janitor on your Ubuntu system don’t let it delete the deb package for VirtualBox as it will wipe out your app and you have to reload! Ugh!

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I read an article in Maximum PC a while back regarding switching to Linux and the conclusion of the article was liking Linux better and not wanting to go back to Windows. I am blogging about my similar experience.

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Hi All, Well nobody reads this any way so I’m talking to the air….

Anyway I just upgraded my WordPress installation to 2.6.2. I followed the instructions here.

It was a little challenging but turned out fine without any hitches. Replace the files and WALA it’s done! Not like upgrading a Windows program but pretty simple if you know how to use FTP and are good at following instructions.

I really like this WordPress format for my Blog, I’m in control and dont have to worry about blogger updating my software and making me change themes. Plus the themes available are way more plentiful and WAY WAY cooler!

So to nobody out there not reading this enjoy the new WordPress 2.6.2 platform.


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I just switched my Blog from Blogger to self hosted WordPress. I had trouble getting my Blog from Blogger to WordPress using the Blogger import utility. I tried all the tricks I found on Google and never got it to work. Yes, I tried the Change line 84 to www from www2 and the 110 step detailed tutorials. Nothing worked. I have experienced frustration like this many times and the answer is usually simple, I was trying to make it too complicated.

I gave up for a while to think on it. I noticed I had to get an API key for a plugin in my WordPress installation so I logged onto, signed up for an account and wala got a key. It asked me to start a Blog hosted at… I thought, silly thing I already have a blog.

Light Bulb over my Head

Problem Solved!!!

Later on after getting brain fried trying to debug the importing of my blogger blog I thought Humm… What if I create a test blog at, import the blogger blog from there, export it to WordPress XML format and import that to my self hosted platform. I then deleted the test blog. This worked perfect!!! So, if anyone ever finds this, there you go, problem solved. I’m assuming all those posts out in the blogosphere that led me nowhere are old and everyone already found the solution but never posted the results or it’s just a no brainer, not blogworthy and I got caught up in thinking it is more complicated than it should be. Whatever the case here’s my new WordPress Blog in all it’s glory with all my boring posts from blogger.

I’m doing this as more of an experiment anyway so I’ll be surprised if anybody ever reads this.

Google, I’m here, Spider me, Help those WordPressers trying to import Blogger, Spider me…..

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