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I have to say the Dave Ramsey system has changed my life. Nothing has ever impacted my finances more! This is not some fly by night get rich quick scheme. It’s a lifestyle change. We were able to get some extra income recently that helped us make the bills this month. Yesterday we used nearly %100 of my paycheck to pay off a past debt. In the past we would have either blown that extra money or paid a small payment. No, we let it all go, it was bittersweet watching it all go to a single payment, but it paid it off. No more Citi Bank! The motto of the Dave Ramsey system is Live like no one else, so you later you can live like no one else. The concepts are simple and anybody can do them. If you are struggling with debt and have no peace when it comes to finances you need to work this system. We began doing this 2 months ago and we have already paid off all of our unsecured debt, debt that we had been paying on for about a year and a half. Now it’s gone, what a great feeling, peace and joy.

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We are tired of being the Tail and not the Head. We are taking control of our finances and are beginning the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps immediately!

After completing the Prerequisites for Step 1….

Get caught up, Cut up all Credit Cards, Stop investing….

Step 1: Create an emergency fund of $1,000 – Put that money into an interest bearing Money Market account that limits your access.

I may Blog more along this journey!

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